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Vehicle Research

Our staff is extremely knowledgeable and are here to assist you in researching the vehicles needed for your production. We can find you the right car from a period piece down to a specific vehicle.

Email Confirmation

We understand you have deadlines and many moving parts to your job. To help make it a bit easier, we will send an email confirmation of cars scheduled on set the following day. This gives you assurance everything is set and allows time for any last minute changes.

In-House Mechanic

We review all the basic functions of a vehicle before we send it to your set. You can be sure when you receive a vehicle from us you are getting exactly what is expected.

Graphics and Paint Jobs

We can provide both basic and specific graphics for any movie car as well as complete vehicle wraps. Given enough notice, we can create you the EXACT car you need.


Our state of the art storage facility offers a safe, clean, climate controlled car storage environment complete with a web based security system Our complete manage care facility offers all the amenities you can think of outlined in our 17 point plan.