Classic Car Dent Removal

Classic Car Dent Removal

Classic Car Dent Removal

Keep your classic car dent free at PowerPortal Products.

Classic car dent removal is a hot topic for one reason, dents are inevitable. No matter how well you care for you car, dents will to occur. So dent removal is a necessary skill for any classic car or exotic car owner. Classic car dent removal is something that can be done in the driveway but should only be done if you have the proper tools. If you do not have the space, the tools, or are simply not a hands on kind of car owner, you can always come down to PowerPortal and use our Mechanical Service Bay.

Before you begin your classic car dent removal project, you’ll have to take an honest inventory of the damage to decide if you have a DIY project on your hands, or if you need professional help. You also will need to decide if the dent is severe enough to simply replace the dented part instead of repairing the dent. For example, if the dent has caused too much creased metal, you may never be able to get the look that you want back. However for small to medium sized dents these methods should suffice.

Classic Car Dent Removal: Suction Cup Dent Pullers

For minor dents that have not caused creases or cracks to the paint of your car, suction cup dent pullers are easy to use and easy to find. Depending on the size of the dent, you will need either a single or double cup.

All you need to do is attach the suction cup to the dent and pull it out. If your arm strength is not enough, you can attach a ratchet strap to gain extra pull.

Classic Car Dent Removal: The Hammer and Dolly Method

The hammer and dolly method is an easy DIY dent removal technique. Though, it can be tricky for classic car dent removal due to the need to access both sides of the dented panel. With some classics you won’t be able to access both sides of the panel which is necessary for this method. However if you can access both sides of the panel, you are in business.

To start you will have to get the right kind of hammer. You cannot use an everyday hammer for this project. The hammers used for dent removal have different weights and shaped heads depending on the surface you are working on. Dolly’s are simply heavy pieces of metal that fit into the palm of your hand.

  1. Once you are ready to go, just place the dolly on the back side of the dent.
  2. Begin lightly tapping the metal with the hammer from the opposite side.
  3. Use the hammer only on the edges of the dent to avoid stretching the metal.
  4. Keep working until you get the metal back to its original shape.

Classic Car Dent Removal: Using a Stud Welder

This method is a bit more tricky but can still be done at home if you have a stud welder. This is especially useful if you cannot access both sides of the panel with the hammer and dolly method, and the dent is too big for the suction cups.

This is a great video tutorial on How To Use A Stud Welder.


Not everyone is comfortable with DIY classic car projects so remember if you are not the hands on type, we’ve got you covered at PowerPortal. You can use our mechanical bay, have your mechanic come in and do the work,

Our Do it Yourself Mechanical Service Bay is available for only $15.00 per hour. We provide the facility, you provide the tools and the muscle. Need to leave your tools here over night? No problem at all. Feel free to leave them in one of our tool cribs free of charge. Just make sure to bring your own lock! Want us to do the work? No problem. Just contact us for a quote. We have something for everyone at PowerPortal.

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