Power Portal Hood Window in Richard Petty #43 Dodge Challenger

Power Portal Hood Window in Richard Petty #43 Dodge Challenger

Power Portal Hood Window in Richard Petty #43 Dodge Challenger Look who’s sporting the PowerPortal Products Hood Window in his #43 Dodge Challenger, the one and only King Richard Petty! That’s right the most decorated NASCAR driver in history chose PowerPortal’s signature hood window to show off at SEMA 2014. Now, team Petty is gearing up for the Daytona 500 and it is sure to be exciting. You can bet that all of us at PowerPortal will be glued to our seats, taking in all the action.


The Daytona 500 kicks off the 2015 season on Sunday, February 22nd.

Live coverage of NASCAR’s biggest event will air on FOX beginning at 12:00 p.m. ET.

Be sure to tune into the Daytona 500. Petty’s Enterprises will be making a major announcement during the race that you won’t want to miss! We can’t say what it is, but it is sure to be big news.

Check out more photos of our Hood Window in #43!

As big race fans, it’s not rare to be confronted by those who just don’t get it. We all have heard from people at one time or another, accusing us of only watching and waiting for the big wrecks. Of course that isn’t true. There are tons of reasons to watch the races. The least of which is for the wrecks. But, they are inevitable and when they happen not many can look away. Just think of how amazing these cars truly are. The safety built into them is unbelievable. They travel at 200 miles an hour, bouncing end over end, and the drivers almost always walk away. Those are true works of art and science flying in front of our eyes.

Richard Petty is no stranger to big wrecks. Luckily he has always walked away as we always hope is the case. Here are a few of his famous wrecks.

This first one was described live on the air as one of the worst in racing history with pieces of his Pontiac all over the track. The King made it out, amazingly with just a broken ankle.

This next one was terrifying to all those who witnessed it. Thankfully it looked worse than it was. Hear about the 1970 Richard Petty flip at Darlington from those who witnessed it.

We could not be happier that these wrecks were not as serious as they appeared and that The King has had a long and amazingly successful career. Number 43 has been through a lot and we are so proud that our signature Hood Window now has a part it Richard Petty history.