Low Price Do It Yourself Car Wash and Mechanical Bay

North Jersey Do It Yourself Car Wash and Mechanical Bay at PowerPortal Products

PowerPortal Products | Do It Yourself Car Wash and Mechanical BayNeed a place to work on your classic car or a place to give your car a good wash? We’ve got you covered at PowerPortal Products. Our state of the art Netcong, NJ facility offers you the time and space you need to work on your show winner in a clean and comfortable environment. Our do it yourself car wash and mechanical bay are available at only $25 for the 1st hour and only $15 for each additional hour. If you’re short on time, or just not the hands on type, we’ve got you covered there too. Just contact us for a quote!

North Jersey Classic Car Wash Bay

Our wash bays will save you some major back pain by offering the opportunity to get your car up on one of our full height lifts allowing you to really clean and detail under your car. All you need to bring is your muscle. We’ll provide you with everything you need to get the job done. Our fully stocked showroom offering dressings, protectants, vinyl and leather care, detailing clay, metal polishes, air fresheners and more. And no need to worry about cleaning up, we’ll take care of that! Click for more details on our Netcong NJ Classic Car Wash Bays. Or Reserve Time In Our Netcong NJ Classic Car Wash Bays now!

North Jersey Classic Car Mechanical Service Bay

Many of us don’t have the space we would like to have to work on our cars at home. At PowerPortal products we have the solution for that! Our mechanical service bay offers you the space you need to get the work done. Our mechanical bays also offers a 7,000# capacity two post lift along with an air compressor, air-line, extension cords, drop light, fluid and tire parts recycling and more. We make it easy to order parts on the fly by offering free wi-fi along with large monitors. Click to read more on our Netcong NJ Classic Car Mechanical Service Bay or Reserve Time in our Mechanical Bay now!

So whether your car needs some work or a good washing, our do it yourself wash bays offer you the time and the space needed for a very low price! Only $25 for the first hour and only $15 each additional hour. You really can’t afford not to use them!