Your Car Wants To Be Driven

How Often Should Classic Cars Be Driven?

The clocks are falling back this weekend, and to us that can mean only one thing…

An extra hour to get out there and drive our cars! And, as you will read below, our classic and exotic cars like and want to be driven. They are practically begging to be driven! So take the extra time this weekend and make the most of it. FYI, it’s going to be a beautiful crisp fall weekend! Make and old car happy and take it out on a nice long ride.



How Often Should Classic Cars Be Driven | PowerPortal Netcong NJ

Like the saying goes, use it or lose it! 

Richard Lentinello at Hemmings blog recently wrote about driving classic cars regularly and how doing so helps them run better. It is common sense when you think about it. After all, the cars don’t know how old they are. If they are well maintained, they theoretically can keep ticking forever. Of course, certain safeguards need to be in place. Keeping fluids topped off, keeping hoses and belts tight and crack free, and keeping clean filters and corrosion free electrical connections, will deter any premature failures.  Lentinello himself now currently uses his GT6 as his daily driver. Even though he gets some strange looks for what is today an unusual daily driver, he believes that, just as the old saying goes, with cars you have to use it or loose it! At PowerPortal Products in Netcong, NJ we are here to help you with all of the maintenance, storage and any other issues or questions you may have about your classic and exotic cars. We offer state of the art car storage plans and detailing plans for our customers as well as space available to rent in out mechanical and wash bays. Anything you need for your baby, we are here at PowerPortal!


How Often Should Classic Cars Be Driven | PowerPortal Netcong NJ“The more often old cars are driven, the better they perform, because all their bearings, seals and other mechanical components are kept well lubricated.”

See the full article by Richard Lentinello at Hemmings Blog No matter their age, old cars that are driven regularly will run better.




How Often Should Classic Cars Be Driven? | PowerPortal Products Netcong NJ

The author’s 1967 Triumph GT6 Mk I. Photos by the author.