Our PowerPortal Products Movie Car Rentals Database Is Growing!

PowerPortal Products Movie Car Rentals

Our PowerPortal Products Movie Car Rentals database is growing daily. We’re looking for your classics, exotics, special interest and daily driver cars, vans, trucks and more.

We have several shows for HBO and movies currently on our schedule from now to August. We know so far that we will be looking for a lot of 1970’s era cars. So those of you with 1968, ’69 to 1978, ’79 year cars of all types please register them at the www.powerportalproducts.com site under the tab LIST YOUR MOVIE CAR(S). We also have an immediate need for Mini Coopers, ‘50’s, ‘60’s, ‘70’s and ‘80’s British sports and luxury cars, American family sedans (four door), station wagons, pick-ups and delivery vehicles and Volkswagens of all ages and types. Conditions don’t have to be show quality. Daily drivers and patina are great!

It’s easy to do. A few lines about you, the car(s) eight photos and that’s it. Please register each car separately. AND REMEMBER; if we use your car at a shoot you too are invited along to view the filming. My good friend Gil Haas is seen mugging for the camera with Keanu Reeves at the shooting for Keanu’s new action/thriller “John Wick II” in front of Scott Martin’s extremely awesome 1970 Shelby GT 500. We had Gils gorgeous 1968 Camaro in the movie. Along with five or six other cars, Including Frank Davis’s cherry ’68 Sublime Green Road Runner.

Where else can you go to get paid for your car to be filmed, hang out with major movie stars and get fed great food all day long? And you need do nothing at all to make it happen other than to say YES!

It’s fully insured, moved only by PowerPortal and used in a pre-approved fashion.

We just finished some scenes for the new HBO comedy series starring Sarah Jessica Parker, “Divorce”. It’ll be airing in late spring, early summer this year. Keep an eye out for it.  We had a very rare 2013 Porsche for this set. Check out the pics of the shoot scene. It’s really cool to be on set. You learn so much about the making of movies!

And about that super rare Porsche? One of seven in the entire country? We found it at Long Island Sports Cars in Roslyn, NY (http://www.longislandsportscars.com/ ). These guys not only had what we needed, they made the process to use it EASY, with Brian Null – Sales Manager, his very helpful assistant Jennifer and Gary Catania the Pre-owned Sales Manager. Their help, knowledge and professionalism made renting for this tough shoot easy. If you’re in the market for an Aston Martin, McLaren or an almost brand new pre-owned exotic car of various makes and models. These are the guys to see. Wherever you live, if you’re buying one of these cars, you know reputation and service are far more important than buying from the closest dealer. Long Island Sports Cars reputation is a model to be followed and well earned. It’s obvious from the first “Hello” that these people’s passion is not just cars. It’s in making buyers completely satisfied. I had the opportunity to see this team in action with a few clients. It was easy to see that relationships are as important as the awesome cars they sell. Check them out. You will not be disappointed!

So please snap a few pictures, go to the site and drop your car in. Not more than five minutes. Need help? Call Peter or Kevin at 973-347-2191 or email them at info@powerportalproducts.com