Is Your Car The Next Eleanor?

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Movie Car Rental

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Did you know that over 300 Chargers portrayed the General Lee during The Dukes Of Hazzard 145 episode series? Or that James Bond’s 1963 Aston Martin DB5 used in Goldfinger recently sold for $4.6 million? Movies and television series are always in need of cars to play a roll. At PowerPortal Products, we can help you get your car in front of the cameras by signing it up as an available movie car rental.

As we told you last week, our movie car database is growing. We have several shows scheduled for HBO and movies throughout the summer.

Here’s a short list of some that we need.

1970’s era cars. On top of the pristine classics, we need your more typical every day cars. Some specialty cars, like a police car, delivery van, pickup truck, station wagons, four door sedans. The cars we call “survivors” in the car hobby world. Some that looked lived in. Patina.

British, French, Swedish, Italian exotics and cruisers. MGs’, Triumphs’, Porsches’ Citroens’ Lambos’, Fiats’, Mini Coopers’, Volvos’ and more.

So list your car on our Movie Car Rentals Database and tell your friends.

Movie Car Rental | PowerPortal Products, Netcong NJ

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It literally takes about five to six minutes and eight pictures. And don’t worry too much about the background of the pictures being perfect. If need be, we’ll clean them up for you. Just send us the pics and the required information and we’ll handle the listing for you.

Who knows, maybe your car will be the next Eleanor. But we will make sure you’re invited to the shoot when your car is being used, you’ll meet the movie makers and maybe the stars in the movie, your car will finally earn you some money and you’ll have some cool bragging rights and photos to display. So take the six minutes and list your car. It costs you NOTHING!


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