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Nobody would argue that washing and waxing your car is important and at times fun. It’s done regularly with only the best materials available. You take great pride in presenting it at shows, the local ice cream stand and just motoring down the road. After all, isn’t that what it’s all about? Satisfaction? No, it’s beyond that. It’s about personal satisfaction, unplugged.

nimbus-image-1469198798994My friend, John C. has a gorgeous 1991 Rolls Royce Corniche III. He’s entering it in the RROC “Meet In The Mountains” event in Asheville, NC. He brought his car to our PowerPortal Detailing Facility for assistance in getting his car cleaned, pristine and even more gorgeous than it is on your average Tuesday. We pulled the wheels, shocks, bumpers, 60% of the exhaust system, grill, head lights, tail lights, stripped the trunk and pretty much pulled the car apart as if getting ready for a repaint. There are portions of his car that is cleaner than when it left Crewe, England. Pieces no one will ever see. But John knows it. And that’s what counts. Man hours into the car so far (and it’s not done)? 150 and counting.

JTC 2It seems that more and more car shows are starting to get tagged as a Concours d’Elegance. Is the term getting diluted and overused these days?

Concours d’Elégance (from French meaning a ‘competition of elegance’, referring to the gathering of prestigious cars) dates back to 17th-century French aristocracy, who paraded horse-drawn carriages in the parks of Paris during summer weekends and holidays. Over time, carriages became horseless and the gatherings became a competition among automobile owners to be judged on the appearance of their automobiles.

A Concours event is something beyond the usual weekend cruise-in or show and shine when a good wash and wax might be considered enough. To get your car in Concours condition takes hours and days of getting things just right, with punctilious attention to detail and considerable concern over even the slightest flaw.

Even though some Concours events aren’t held to the highest standards of the true definition, they nonetheless encourage people to take their car to a higher level of presentability. As a result, the trickle-down theory can only lead to the more typical weekend car show getting a higher quality group of cars.

JTC1Even without expectation of recognition, car owners want their car at its absolute best. Why? What drives them to insist on perfection? Personal satisfaction. The idea of knowing that your car is as pristine and as perfect as it can possibly be and that no effort or expense was spared to become the best, you still want it better. It’s a disease. And we all know it.

And it’s the people – the owners, restorers, and presenters – who are the real story. Every car has a story that is distinctly unique and different from any other car. Whether it’s a one-owner, high school dream, youthful memory, lost-sole or opportunity lost your car has to be a 100 point car to complete the circle.

nimbus-image-1469199078411If you’ve ever been to a PowerPortal Car Show, then you’ll appreciate that we all operate on the same principle: Yes the cars are cool, gorgeous, works of art or a masterpiece in progress. But what’s behind the pretty façade?

We want you to send us your little know secret technique that saves you time and maybe gives you better than average results. Maybe you use a product differently than suggested and get a better result. Send a few pictures of you and your car. We’ll post the best answers, with your pictures in a future blog.

We’re going to give the top three answers a FREE Level One Detailing of any car you own and a FREE Goody Bag full of some of the best products and materials to keep your car shining like the Concours car it is.

Your submission should be submitted to us by July 29th in order to qualify for the contest. Please address them to info@powerportalproducts.com and subject heading of: CLEAN SCENE

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