Changes At PowerPortal Products

Changes At PowerPortal Products


Another Year in the Books

Some Very Important Changes at PowerPortal.

Your #1 Choice for Storage, Service and Parts.

image001We’ve geared up our shop by adding additional lifts, equipment and staff.

In-house services now include:

A) ASE Qualified Mechanical Services.

Upgrades (Engine, Interior, Body, Exhaust, Drive-Line & Accessories), Tire & Wheel Replacement, Trouble-Shooting Electrical, Mechanical or Operational. LOF’s, Waterless Coolant Conversion and Sourcing of hard to find parts. Door to door pick-up or drop-off service. Fast turn-around.

image003-1B) Increased DIY equipment.

8,000 # Two Post hydraulic lift. 7,000 # Four Post Drive-on lift. 7,000 # Portable Quick Jack lift. Low-profile to (REAL) heavy duty roll-around jacks. Parts Washer, Floor standing grinder, high volume compressor, air-lines, drop-lights, electrical runs and a lot more. (Sorry. Still no Engine hoist or transmission jacks. Insurance regulations won’t allow it.)

We’ve also got increased winter hours (10 + hours/day) to make your time more productive. Yes. You can leave it on a lift overnight and your tools in a secure, lockable rolling shelf bin. Drop-ship your parts here.

image005C) Detailing, Paint Correction, Dent Removal, Interiors, Transportation, Movie Cars, Sales Assistance Service and more.

pppIf there’s anything you need that’s not here, call us. We will either have the resources to do it or we’ll find it!