PowerPortal Has The Right Stuff To Get The Bad Stuff Off Of Your Car

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Extend The Life Of Your Car & Have It Detailed At PowerPortal

With some major winter weather currently hitting New Jersey, there is no better, or more urgent time to make plans to have your cars detailed. Daily drivers need the salt removed from above and below as much as your classics and exotics do. Salt from the roads can lead to major corrosion of your vehicle. Don’t let it sit too long! Once the streets are plowed, come down to PowerPortal for a thorough car detailing. PowerPortal has the “right stuff” to get rid of the bad stuff on your car!

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And oh by the way, thinking about storing your classic for the next couple of months?  PowerPortal will work with you on some short term storage rates. It’s never too late to get your prized vehicle the full managed care it deserves. Nobody cares more for your vehicles than we do at PowerPortal!

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