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Diecast Distressed Cars & Dioramas By The Jersey Junker

Movie TheaterManny Solano was born and raised in Newark, NJ in the 50’s and 60’s.  He now lives in Hopatcong, NJ with his wife, Maria, who puts up with him.  During the day, Manny does home window repairs and likes to build models and dioramas that he takes to model shows and car shows whenever he can.

Since childhood Manny has always been fascinated with salvage and junkyards.  His father would go to find parts for his car and Manny would immediately go off on his own.  For him, it was like the greatest playground in the world.  He would find a unique car and pretend he was driving.  Then he would pull up the seats and open glove boxes, looking for treasure.

img_0373diecastcar2Manny only wishes he had a camera back then to have a record of those days, but never thought about it at that age.  Some people look at an old, rusty, and dented car and think what a piece of junk, but Manny sees them differently.  They have an aura about them.  He would look at a vehicle that was smashed and try to guess how it got that way.

Although Solano has never been mechanically inclined, he knows what he likes & that is old cars & trucks.  Some of his thinking is that, by doing this hobby with junkyards salvage yards & barn finds, he is giving people a look at something that is slowly vanishing, as it is getting harder & harder to find these classic & antique vehicles anywhere.

img_3486111aimg_0476In 2005, Manny decided he wanted to build a junkyard model and his first attempt was pretty bad.  But he kept trying and eventually he had it down to a system.  Before he knew it, he had a small junkyard.  He kept adding more cars and trucks to it, and then he started making buildings and accessorizing the yard.  Manny started with plastic 1/25 scale models and then started to look for already damaged die cast 1/24 scale Danbury and Franklin Mint, and other die cast models and would turn them into “junkers” as well.  Now Manny does all scales 1/43rd and larger up to 1/12 scales.

One Of A Kind “Junkers” For Sale Now At PowerPortal!

Below are the one of a kind diecast distressed car & truck models hand crafted by Manny Solano that we have for sale at PowerPortal.

Take a look at some amazing dioramas & buildings and some before & after pictures of Mann’y work here.

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Junkyard Models

.by Manny Solano

In Paperback


For Sale Now At PowerPortal


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All Models

1/25 Scale 1938 International D-2 Pick Up #7 Green/Black - Stove & Tinware
1/25 Scale 1938 International D-2 Pick Up #5 Green/Black - Plumbing
1/25 Scale 1938 International D-2 Pick Up #10 Cream/Black - Guns & Tackle
1/25 Scale 1938 International D-2 Pick Up #9 Cream/Black - Clifton Salvage
1/25 Scale 1938 International D-2 Pick Up #3 Cream/Black - Union Cold Storage
1/25 Scale 1938 International D-2 Pick Up #11 White/Black - OFSKYS
1/25 Scale 1938 International D-2 Pick Up #4 White/Black - Olson Feeds
1/24 Scale 1958 Caddy 4 Door Aqua F.M.
1/24 Scale 1958 Edsal Bermuda Wagon Yellow/White D.M.
1/24 Scale 1955 Caddy 4 Door Blue/White F.M.
1/24 Scale 1941 Caddy 4 Door Black D.M.
1/24 Scale 1957 Ford Retractable Yellow D.M.
1/24 Scale 1965 Ford Shelby Cobra White D.M.
1/24 Scale 1937 Studebaker Pick Up Blue D.M.
1/24 Scale 1941 Lincoln Continental Yellow F.M.
1/24 Scale 1973 Mercedes 450 SEL 4 Door
1/24 Scale 1933 International Truck Rusted D.M.
1/18 Scale 1962 Pontiac Bonneville Blue/White

Manny Solano Contact Form

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If you have a diecast vehicle you’d like Manny to distress, contact him by using the form below and he’ll get in touch to discuss the details to create the “junker” you are looking for!

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