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Netcong NJ Car Storage & Services | Custom Made Products

We offer a unique combination of products and Netcong NJ Car Storage & Services for classic and exotic car lovers, all in one state of the art facility, conveniently located in Netcong, NJ.

Netcong NJ Car Storage & Services | How We Got Started

We’re “Car Guys” who aim to provide the best Netcong NJ Car Storage & Services as well as custom made in the USA products. During the course of a restoration of a 1970 Corvette, it occurred to us that we had this incredible engine installed in the car and no way to show it off when the hood was closed. We searched high and low for a window for the hood, could not find one, so we developed the hood window ourselves. Thus the name PowerPortal, a Portal to the Power in your car.

Netcong NJ Car Storage & Services

Netcong NJ Car Storage & Services | PowerPortal

Our Netcong NJ Car Storage & Services are provided in our year round Classic and Exotic vehicle storage facility, located in Netcong, NJ. This newly renovated facility offers superior “Managed Care” protection for our client’s cars, along with a 24 hour web based security system. We also offer to our clients lift bays, wash bays, detailing services, tech support, and pick up/drop off in our enclosed trailer. These additional services that PowerPortal Products offers are what set us apart from our competition. We can provide all of these services to you, or provide you with the space and technical support to “Do It Yourself!

Custom Made Products

Netcong NJ Car Storage & Services & Products | PowerPortal

Our products are “Made in America” of the finest materials, and are our exclusive designs. They are built the way you would do it yourself. Every PowerPortal Product is designed with the intention of our clients being “Do It Yourself” people. You don’t need third party services or a degree in Auto Shop to install our products and make your ride special. Installations are clearly spelled out with videos, templates, photos, tricks of the trade, safety and ease. If you are uncomfortable, call us on the support number contained with your product. Our door is always open to questions, advice, brainstorming, and special requests. We value the input of our customers, our friends, and our suppliers. Our pricing is honest, with no hidden upcharges.

Netcong NJ Car Storage & Services Mission Statement

Netcong NJ Car Storage & Services

We build products and design services for our own use and satisfaction. Only then do we build and provide services for our clients. Our quality, price and commitment must be the standard by which other companies are measured.

Our customers bear the right to purchase anywhere they choose. Their support and confidence in our products and services defines our company’s most important asset, our credibility. We love what we do, and we have fun doing it.